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Our Mission...

Deliver impactful change through bespoke tech talent solutions

You don’t need to compromise. You can attract the technology talent you need and help do your part in building a more sustainable future at the same time.

Our people, planet & Technology Are evolving

be purpose driven with planet positive hiring

We believe in order to enact impactful change for our people and planet, we need to work together. Whether that’s building technology to address the real threat on climate change, bettering patients lives through revolutionary healthtech or helping  financial services organisations achieve their ESG goals; Viribus is committed to helping attract the right tech engineers to deliver on these missions.

Who Are We?

We’re a modern-day tech talent solutions provider, operating across the US, UK, and Europe. We customize our solutions to fit our clients like a glove because every business is unique. We’re zealous about Tech for Good and get a kick out of partnering with like-minded companies. Our goal is to make the world a better place, one hire at a time through our Planet Positive Hiring solution – because saving the planet is the right thing to do.

Who do we collaborate with?

From sprouting start-ups to booming enterprises, we have two key client focuses at Viribus:

  • Tech For Good – Impact driven companies focused on making a real difference to the planet and/or its people
  • Financial Services – with more than a decade of working across investment / asset management, we want to help shift the needle in this industry and help it to do its part in building a more sustainable future


Where do we excel?

Software Engineering & Development

Cloud & DevOps

Data Analytics & Engineering

Why Work with Us?

Quality over

Underpins everything we do and has been at our core since we started. We take the time to truly understand your requirements and only discuss candidates or jobs that match.

Planet Positive

Help fight climate change and sustainability by offsetting the environmental footprints for carbon emissions, plastic waste production and deforestation of each hire. Find out more.

Strength of

We believe in long-term relationships with our clients and candidates, built from truly taking the time to understand what you’re looking for and how we can continue to deliver.


We use the latest technology across Candidate Attraction, AI, ML, Networking and more to attract and engage talent, along with providing the best possible experiences across the hiring journey.


We pride ourselves on being open and honest with everyone we work with. Our team are empathetic and genuinely care about delivering the best experiences to both client and candidates.


Every company and candidate is different and as such their individual requirements. Whether you’re a candidate or client, our service is tailored to identify and find you what you’re looking for.

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