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Viribus is a technology focused modern talent recruitment partner who is honest in its approach and interested in long-term partnerships. We really take the time to understand our clients’ businesses because if we don’t, how can we make sure our Candidates will be the right fit for them. We pride ourselves in being consultative and collaborative business partners, to make sure you can attract and engage the right talent. We are not just a CV service!

What roles do we specialise in? Well, our core expertise sits within Software Development & Engineering across modern technical stacks, but we are able to support our clients across their tech teams. Click the button below to check them out on our Home page.

We know every requirement and company is different, so our journey with each client we work with is different. So what would it look like to partner with us? Well the beauty of this question is it would depend on you, however here is a guide of the steps we would take together:

It’s important that we believe in what your company is about if we are going ensure we engage the right candidates. We have to be able to successfully work together so it’s key we buy into each others process and collaborate.

Once we know we are a good fit, it’s essential we understand your requirements to effectively identify and submit the candidates you need. We need a full brief of the role(s), including details about the team, company, vision, projects, key skills, where there is room for negotiation, salary, benefits, plus more. We typically either have a conversation with the hiring manager or a member of the HR/Recruitment team to understand this, either via phone or face-to-face.

It’s one thing understanding the technical requirements but it’s a waste of time us submitting a candidate if they don’t fit into your working culture and environment. If you help us to understand what type of people fit into your work place or even better thrive in it, then we can assess a candidates non-technical suitability as well; reducing time wasted interviewing the wrong people.

Now we have understood everything we need to, we design a comprehensive multi-channel sourcing strategy, leveraging technology for maximum candidate reach and engagement. We not only focus on active candidates but put a large emphasis on reaching the passive candidate market too. We utilise artificial intelligence & machine learning, our extensive networks, social sites, our proprietary database, plus a number of other sources (can’t give away all of our secrets!) to identify and engage candidates 24/7

Once we’ve identified and engaged with Candidates for your role(s), we need to make sure they fit your requirements both technically and culturally. Depending on the agreed process, we do this in a number of ways, the main two being:

Phone screening – spending typically 30-45 minutes getting to know the Candidate, their work history, technical skills, what they’re looking for and judging their fit culturally.

Video screening – this is a fantastic way to not only ensure you are getting the right fit culturally but also for streamlining the hiring process as we can turn this into the 1st stage interview by asking the Candidates pre-agreed questions which you would typically ask directly in a 1st interview. The video interview is recorded and shared with anyone in the hiring process to watch. We mention more detail about this in the ‘Interviewing’ section below and also on ‘Our Tech’ page.

We would have already advised the Candidate of the interview process which was discussed when we were gathering the role requirements, so they’ll already know what to expect and how to prepare to put their best foot forward. We always check in with Candidates prior to their interview to make sure they are ready and still able to attend, as well as afterwards to find out their feedback. Their feedback is then passed on to you to help with your decision on progressing with a Candidate or not. We will set expectations of timescales and keep the candidate engaged whilst feedback is decided.

The additional option where Viribus can support the interviewing process is through our Video offering. Either providing our video interviewing platform for Clients to use directly with the ability to record the interview and be watched by anyone involved in the hiring process (no software to download and can be accessed on any device) or by Viribus conducting the 1st stage interview on our Clients behalf. This is explained further on the ‘Viribus Video’ page along with the benefits to Clients for adopting video interviewing as their 1st stage. In summary though, we agree pre-set questions which the hiring manager has put together (technical and/or non-technical) and our experienced interviewers will conduct and record the interview and then display it side-by-side with the CV on our online shortlist so anyone required can watch and provide feedback. One of the main positives our Clients experience with this is time-saved by interviewing the wrong people because although their CV looked great, but in reality they weren’t strong enough technically or didn’t fit the company culturally. In fact, we see Clients interview to hire ratio increase to over 70%.

When we are hiring for our Clients roles, we see ourselves as an extension to their business, so what the Candidate experiences throughout the hiring journey is twice as important; not only is it reflecting Viribus but also our Clients. We pride ourselves on keeping our Candidates updated, even if it is just a phone call or email to say we are waiting for feedback. There is nothing worse than radio silence and being left not knowing.

We are consultative to Candidates, offering advice and guidance on each step of the recruitment lifecycle from CV advice, interview preparation & tips, salary advice, offer management, resignation support, plus more.

If a Candidate enjoys each step of the hiring journey with a Client, they are more likely to accept an offer if one is made.

There is more to managing an offer than just telling a Candidate what a Company wants to pay them. It starts by setting the correct expectations up front and managing these expectations throughout the process, so if an offer is made it is the figure expected and likely to be accepted.

Once a Candidate accepts, there is still things that could go wrong, so it’s essential the Candidate is kept in touch with. The first step is them resigning and the risk of a counter offer. It’s important to keep in close contact throughout this period to reduce the risk of a counter being accepted, normally it’s about reminding the Candidate of their reasons for wanting to leave in the first place. The next step is keeping in touch with the Candidate throughout their notice period, as during a typical 1-3 months notice a lot can happen. There’s always a check-in with the Candidate the week before they start and then during their first few months with a new Company.

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