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Our Story

Who is Viribus...

Our Vision

To build a community of companies and tech engineers who have a genuine interest in making the world better, both for the planet and its people. Individually, it’s difficult to implement lasting change, but by bringing these companies and engineers together, we can help make this a reality.

Our Mission

To bring together tech talent and companies who share the same beliefs, ethos and skills; to build workforces that develop products and services to impact positive change to the world and its people. By achieving this, we’re helping to do our part for a brighter and more sustainable future.

The Journey

Craig Matthews

Founder & CEO

Viribus was started in May 2013 by our Founder & CEO, Craig Matthews, with the view of creating a Modern Talent Solutions Provider that was not tied up in corporate red tape, that allowed flexibility in its practices and the most important KPI was quality (not how many sales calls you make!).

For 10+ years, we’ve been delivering technology talent into financial services. Focused on Software, DevOps & Data Engineering; however through building very strong relationships and understanding of our clients businesses, they’ve also relied on us to help them hire across their technology teams.

In 2018, after the birth of Craig’s second daughter, the thought of what future his kids would have really started to play on his mind. What would the world be like when they grow up, what type of jobs would they be doing, what would the planet look like for them and their children. It was at this time, Craig and his Wife started to take their own steps in living more sustainably around the home and decisions they made around their lifestyle. Fast forward to 2020-2022, the period of time that the world will not forget, Craig started to sketch out how he could combine his passion for climate change and living more sustainably with his work and expertise.

In late 2022, Viribus launched ‘Planet Positive Hiring’ which sees us continuing to use our expertise in attracting niche technology talent for our clients but for every person we place, we offset their environmental footprints for carbon emissions, plastic waste production and deforestation. Find out more here.

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