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what's our tech stack

Viribus uses a variety of tools to identify, attract and engage Candidates; along with providing the best possible experience throughout the hiring process.


By leveraging Artifical Intelligence & Machine Learning, we are able to source Candidates 24/7 and identify more Candidates than ever before.


Viribus Video is a platform which allows us to attract and engage Candidates through a more personal approach, as well as providing full video interviewing capabilities to our Clients.

Proprietary Database

We access more than 500M+ potential Candidates globally through smart searching of social profiles across the web.


All of our software is Cloud based, meaning we are able to provide an on-demand service and always be around to support our customers.


By automating parts of our processes, we are able to ensure our Candidates are kept updated throughout their hiring journey so they keep engaged and interested.


To ensure we target those actively looking for jobs, we also utilise specialist job boards, our internal database & networks, social sites inc. LinkedIn and our own website.

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