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Planet Positive Hiring

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Bespoke hiring solutions with the planet in mind

Who said you can’t hire the talent you need and help save the planet at the same time?

Carbon-driven climate change presents a critical risk to our lifestyle and your business operations. Although various companies have taken steps in the form of ESG/CSR policies to lessen their environmental impact, current efforts are insufficient.

In order to safeguard a livable planet, we must do more than the conventional environmental measures as they are falling short. It is vital that we offset the ecological footprint we all contribute to. This is where the concept of ‘Planet Positive Hiring’ becomes crucial.

How does it work?

For every hire our clients make through Planet Positive Hiring, we purchase a bundle of natural climate solutions that rebalance the typical individuals annual ecological footprint. All projects are fully verified and certified to world leading carbon standards. For each hire you make, you will receive a digital impact certificate documenting your contributions.

An individual eco-footprint encompasses the typical person’s carbon emissions, plastic waste production and deforestation footprints. So each Planet Positive Hire is underwritten by:

What Can it Do For You?

Join the movement

We’re helping protect our planet’s life support systems by preserving our forests (which absorb CO2 and release Oxygen), regenerating deforested land, (which can help mitigate climate change) and reducing marine plastic pollution (which is harming ocean ecosystems).

We’re looking for like-minded businesses to join the movement with us. Use of expertise in technology hire to onboard the talent you need and help protect our future at the same time. Now that’s a win-win!

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