Your Talent Partner for Tech Engineers

Viribus is a modern talent solutions partner and true niche specialist in placing the best Tech Engineers across Development, DevOps and Cloud.

Operating across the US & UK to deliver bespoke hiring solutions to scaling companies who are serious about attracting the best Engineers.

Why can't you hire Engineers and keep an eye on your bottomline too?

On average our clients hire 8 Engineers for the price of 5!

As a modern talent solutions provider, we deliver the engineering talent your business needs but still keep an eye on the bottomline. 

You don’t have to burn capital on hiring fees with our modern pricing strategies.

Our TaaS product is one of our most popular solutions and can save you a lot on your hiring spend 🤑

Bundles / Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS)

Both our Bundles and TaaS products are designed to save our clients significant money

Every solution is bespoke to each individual client, however to demonstrate potential savings we’ve displayed 3 options below

Please note, figures are based on an Engineer’s average salary of $150,000 and a hiring fee of 22.5% to demonstrate savings

Our fee is fixed and does not change if the salary is higher or lower


$ 9,999
Per Month
  • 3-5 hires
  • $39,996 average fee
    per hire for 3 hires
  • 3 hires equates to 26.7%
    fee per hire
  • $23,998 average fee
    per hire for 5 hires
  • 5 hires equates to 16%
    fee per hire


$ 14,499
Per Month
  • 6-8 hires
  • $28,998 average fee
    per hire for 6 hires
  • 6 hires equates to 19.3%
    fee per hire
  • $21,749 average fee
    per hire for 8 hires
  • 8 hires equates to 14.5%
    fee per hire


$ 20,999
Per Month
  • 9-15 hires
  • $27,999 average fee
    per hire for 9 hires
  • 9 hires equates to 18.7%
    fee per hire
  • $16,799 average fee
    per hire for 15 hires
  • 15 hires equates to 11.2%
    fee per hire

Features & Benefits

Massive cost savings up to and exceeding $254,000 (average salary dependent)

Hire up to 15 Engineers for the cost of 7.5 (circa 50% savings!)

We deliver all your Engineering talent

The more you hire the more you save!

Easy cashflow budgeting

Transparency and contained hiring costs

12 month subscription

Flexibility – built in break clause

Carbon offsetting of new hires (we are on-board with mitigating our climate and sustainability impact)

Forward planning (allows us to build talent pipelines so you can keep hiring when you need to)

Full tech engagement unleashing the power of the best, most-efficient automation and up-to-date AI, to uncover everyone you would want to engage with

Broad talent reach globally

Efficiencies across all aspects of the process

Exceptional candidate journey and experience

Innovative and a creative ‘edge’ in the search for exceptional talent

⊕ Better and more effective process = increased hiring success

A talent partner who gets you, versus hundreds of calls and inappropriate CV bombing

Creation of bespoke landing pages to direct candidates to in the process (fantastic for candidate attraction)

Fully functioned and aligned partners working on the same journey. Your wins, are ours.


Trusted worldwide and don't just take out word for it...

Don't settle for not finding the right Tech Engineers for your business

Book an exploratory call and let us show you how you can keep your talent pipeline filled and hire when you need to ➡️