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Viribus Video ensures the right candidates are being interviewed by our Clients, by our team of experienced interviewers conducting the 1st stage interviews. It allows our Clients to streamline their hiring process by achieving the following:

  • Averagely reducing the time to hire by half
  • No more internal diary co-ordination for first interviews
  • No more “no shows”
  • Never lose a candidate because of time wasted
  • Reduce time wasted organising telephone interviews
  • No more wasted first stage interviews
  • Increase interview to hire ratio to over 70%
  • We also use video to reach out to possible Candidates using a personalised and detailed video message, resulting in higher and more engaged responses


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The Candidate experience is key throughout the hiring process and goes a long way to the Candidate accepting an offer. Viribus Video has huge benefits to the Candidates we work with and results in them having a much better hiring experience. These include:

  • Flexible availability for first round interviews, meaning no or less time out from work
  • Only taking a day off work for a face-to-face interview if their 70% likely to get the job
  • Skip straight to second stage, or even offer, ahead of other applicants
  • Won’t lose a day’s pay (contractors)
  • 24-48 hour feedback
  • Interview anywhere on their mobile phone, laptop, tablet, just like a telephone interview
Screenshot of Viribus Video 2-way interview room

What's better to demonstrate video than a video!

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From live video interview rooms with multiple participants, to individual solo interviews, Viribus Video is flexible to fit with your hiring process.

Our team of experienced interviewers can conduct 1st stage interviews on our Clients behalf, with pre-agreed questions set by the hiring manager to test both technical and non-technical competencies; alternatively our Clients can use the platform directly.

Why Video

On top of the benefits already listed, why else should you consider Viribus Video...

With video you have the advantage of being able to actually see shortlisted candidates over video before deciding whether to progress them to the next stage or not. Unlike with phone interviews, video will give you a much better indication of the candidates fit. You’ll be able to assess their mannerisms and gauge how confident they are, or if they’re struggling to make eye contact. You can see how they’re dressed and if they’re smiling or not. None of which can be done on Mr Bell’s trusty invention. Yes, in a phone interview candidates will answer your questions and it can help speed things up, but the added advantage video offers takes the screening process to a whole new level. 

If you haven’t explored video interviewing as an option before then you are already a little behind the curve, as many businesses have been enjoying the added flexibility video provides for some time now. First off, there’s no travel involved. ‘Ideal,’ I hear you say. There’s no time off required which is perfect for candidates who are considering their options but who might struggle to get time off from their current roles. It also means you’ll have access to candidates from further afield as they can interview from wherever, whenever giving you a much wider pool of talent to choose from. The best thing about Viribus Video is its flexibility to suit any Clients hiring process and offer Candidates the flexibility to interview for roles, despite how busy their diary may be.

Adding video interviewing to your hiring process can increase the interview to hire ratio by over 70%. In many cases you know within the first five or ten minutes if a candidate is right for the role or not, but with face-to-face you have no option to stop the interview. With video you do. We’ll conduct your first stage interviews for you. Then we’ll send these back to you in a candidate shortlist for review, so you’ve immediately skipped a whole stage in the process. Plus you’ve avoided needless diary coordination and saved yourself tonnes of time sitting through interviews (even virtual ones) with people you know aren’t the right fit. The best part is, we don’t charge you any more for this service! It’s all just part of our offering.

With video interviews you have complete visibility and greater control of the process. You don’t have to take our word for it that the candidate is a good fit for the role based on the results of telephone screening. We’ll send you a shortlist of candidates that have been through our video screening and who we feel best meet your criteria.

The shortlisted candidate videos (solos, two-way or both) will appear in a dashboard, with their CVs and any other documents you’ve requested attached. You can watch the videos and read all accompanying documents at a time that suits. You can then share these with all other stakeholders in your business without any internal diary coordination required. By the time you’re ready to meet them yourself – using one of our virtual interview rooms or face-to-face, you’re already way ahead of the game. Which means no more spending an hour with a candidate who you’ve discounted in the first five minutes but feel obliged to put through their paces.

First off, we’re all super busy. Which means it’s not always possible for a Client to find half an hour to have a conversation with a Candidate. Even more difficult if the candidate is still in a role (awkwardly keeps phone on desk all day, then runs off to the bathroom to take a call). We solve this dilemma as our video platform includes solo interviews, which means you’ll never miss a candidate again. Solo interviews allow us to agree on a set number of key interview questions with you, which we can then send via a link for Candidates to answer at a time that suits. Not only does this give added flexibility to the candidate, it also means that we’re able to screen a higher volume of candidates much faster before sending the best on to you for review. Alternatively, we conduct our live 2-way video interviews out of hours at a time that suits Candidates best, meaning they can have their 1st stage interview with one of our team at 8pm if this suits them better; speeding up the hiring process.

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