Your Talent Partner for Javascript Engineers

Viribus is a modern talent solutions partner and true niche specialist in placing the best Software Engineers across Javascript technologies. 

Operating across the US & UK to deliver bespoke hiring solutions to scaling companies who are serious about attracting the best Engineers.

Ensure you hire the best Software Engineers to achieve your business goals

Viribus focuses on the important things to improve your success rate in engaging and successfully hiring the best Engineers in the market.

We partner together to deliver the engineering talent your business needs but still keep an eye on the bottomline. We don’t want companies burning capital on hiring fees and you don’t have to with our modern pricing strategies.

Our Products

Key Hire

Single hire solution when companies need to hire one Software Engineer at a time. When it’s important to get the right engineers, not just the first person in a CV race. Our modern and constantly revised version of a classic search guarantees efficiency, success and customer satisfaction. Our methods, technology and reach means we never fail to get an offer within 6 weeks from initiation of the campaign.


(quickly becoming our most popular) – Save significant money with our multi-hire solution designed for organisations needing to scale up permanent teams either over time or with intense urgency. By building bespoke talent-pooling campaigns, we turn reactive hiring into a proactive solution. By signing an agreement to deliver multiple software engineers, we can affect significant cost savings. Bundling is the fastest growing area within the staffing sector.

Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS)

‘Outsource In-house’ solution for significant scaling-up / hyper-growth hiring programmes. As the name suggests, TaaS takes responsibility for the provision of talent-on-demand service, delivering against a pre-agreed plan, behaving as an in-house talent acquisition unit. This popular and brand-new solution can support, replace or compete with any generic and incumbent internal hiring teams. Our service is, uniquely, a free hiring model, where we are totally aligned to our customers’ success.

What will our tailored outcome based products do for you?

With every clients’ needs being different, our products are customised for each individual company. Below is a list of features & benefits we can incorporate into our bespoke products:

Talent and market mapping

Full tech engagement unleashing the power of the best, most-efficient automation and up-to-date AI, to uncover everyone you would want to engage with

Hiring process review and solutions

Forward planning (a joy facilitator for any talent solutions provider…it’s game changing!)

Creative fee structure that aligns to our clients’ ultimate goals

Significant cost savings from traditional ‘bums on seats’ old school agency models

Carbon offsetting of new hires (we are on-board with mitigating our climate and sustainability impact)

Company culture and team fit assessments

Creation of bespoke landing pages to direct candidates to in the process (fantastic for candidate attraction)

Broad talent reach globally

Efficiencies across all aspects of the process

Exceptional candidate journey and experience

Innovative and a creative ‘edge’ in the search for exceptional talent

A talent partner who gets you, versus hundreds of calls and inappropriate CV bombing

Fully functioned and aligned partners working on the same journey. Your wins, are ours.

Better and more effective process = increased hiring success

Turn on, turn up, turn down and turn off flexibility

Fixed costs on bundling & TaaS: better for pricing and huge savings

Trusted worldwide and don't just take out word for it...

Don't settle for not finding the right Software Engineers for your business

Book an exploratory call with us and let us show you how you can keep your talent pipeline filled and hire when you need to…